Peer Through the Heavens

by Mark Manis

Moonrise over YosemiteThe December snow deterred me little
as I sat on my patio deck,
admiring the sparkling celestial dance
playing out on the ebony curtain.
Northern breezes slapped my face
while wearing layers of coats;
adding warmth during chilly nights,
stirring the child inside.

In the spring, our dogwoods blossomed
where I'd sit in the evenings beneath them;
Luna would shine down at her peak,
striping leaves with her silver moonlight.
A driving power sweeping over me,
like a rising tide of wonderment;
inside, I knew no greater sights were
these infinite skies and their heavenly bodies.

The warmth of summer brought a haze,
with the dippers displayed at dusk.
Barefoot in the lush, green grass,
My eyes sought Venus' arrival;
then burning on the western horizon,
she'd fly with the speed of Apollo's chariot.
The crickets kept me company
with nature's blissful ambiance.

The nights turned cool in autumn
with leaves crunching underfoot;
the clear skies held a blessing
as walking opportunities grew rare.
What secrets will the stars share tonight?
I don't know, yet I eagerly await;
for I must remind myself to peer upwards
as my heart seeks out the sky.

Copyright © 2005, Mark Manis

Mark Manis has been writing poetry since 1985. He has been published in the Ashland (Ky.) Daily Independent, VOICE Magazine, Underground Window, and most recently, in the anthology Tapestries of the Heart-Emerging Poets of the 21st Century, Volume 1. Mark lives with his wife in the Northern Kentucky area and works as a special education teacher. Please visit his web site at:

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Image courtesy of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)