Israel 33 1/2

by Richard Denner

I met Yehezquel in the parking lot
and he said to me, "There's no way,
Jose, how the Mayans factored it.
The End will be in June,
blow the month of July away."

He showed me his designs of diamond guitars.
There's one in Sagittarius, and another
spiraling out of Taurus. Time and space,
there's no death, just a dark river.
You might call it main stream.

Copyright © 2004, Richard Denner
Milky Way galaxy in Sagittarius

Milky Way galaxy in Sagittarius

Richard Denner, a jack of all trades, lives with his elderly mother near Sebastopol, California. He is the impresario of dPress chapbooks, and you are invited to visit his website:

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Image courtesy of David Talent/NOAO/AURA/NSF