Welcome, Sedna!

by Richard J. Vondruska

Artist's concept of Sedna

There's now a brand new planetoid
A rock for Pluto to avoid
Or is this orb our new 10th planet?
An icy world composed of granite?

We're not quite sure
We merely stare
But clearly there's
This "thing" up there

Who picked this silly name of "Sedna"?
They may as well have picked "Dame Edna"!
The sad part is we've lost rapport
With cutely dimpled "Quaoar"

Now Trans-Neptunians must beware
We could have even more out there
A new name should be super-duper
Let's call the next one "Alice Kuiper"!

Copyright © 2004, Richard J. Vondruska

Richard J. Vondruska was born in 1950. He has had his poetry published by International Library of Poetry on their CD Sounds of Poetry, as well as in the Illinois Chess Bulletin. He resides in Arlington Heights, IL with his wife Eloise and their cat Pepper.

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Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt