Valhalla Basin

by Lee Clark Zumpe

Opposite the impact, a relatively smooth
though cratered region—
             unlike typical antipodal terrain—
gives earthbound optimists a shred of hope.

Lacking a deep central depression amidst
concentric rings of frozen ripples —
             topographic rims, slowly diminished—
glacier-like, your lithosphere healed its scars.

Copyright © 2004, Lee Clark Zumpe

Valhalla Basin on Callisto

Aside from spending hours locked in his spare bedroom working on a new short story or brewing poetry, Lee Clark Zumpe enjoys visiting musty bookstores, reading Lovecraft to his cats, and collecting shells and sand dollars on the beach with his wife. By day, he is a mild-mannered proofreader for Tampa Bay Newspapers. Most recently, his work has appeared in Book of Dark Wisdom, Aoife's Kiss, and Beyond Centauri. He has work scheduled to appear in Weird Tales, Scared Naked, and The Horror Express in the coming months.

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Image courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA-JPL)