Uranus Motel

by Kenneth Pobo

I make arrangements with my boss,
take a few personal days,
and head for a planet which never

tries to impress. When a Uranus
motel gets stuffy after a few days,
I crave Earth. Till then, I'll hike

an ammonia and methane trail,
lean on poles turned upside down,
time's dogs chasing gas skunk tails.

Copyright © 2004, Kenneth Pobo


Kenneth Pobo teaches Creative Writing and English at Widener University in Pennsylvania. His new book of poems, Introductions, is now available from Pearl's Book'Em Press. He has been interested in astronomy (minus the math) for many years, especially drawn to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (with a special affection for Pluto's charming moon Charon). His story "Neptune Boy" appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer's magazine.

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Image courtesy of Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech