Sequences in the Solar System

by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

*(solar haiku)

oh you living sun
agent of the Creator
a planetted star

*(friendly moon)

Leave me in
this bidimensional vision,
with this friendly moon
bigger than Venus,
Jupiter, or Sirius.

Leave me in
this bidimensional vision,
with this peaceful moon
brighter than any fireball.

And, after my death,
if you push me into
the tridimensional void,
find a reasonable comet
to carry me
to another dreamy satellite.

*(solar playing cards)

It is easy for me
to choose the solar system's
playing cards.

At first some meteoroids
as simple cards,
4 asteroids as 4 jacks,
Mercury, Venus, Terra
and Mars as 4 kings,
4 comets as 4 queens,
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
and Neptune as 4 aces...

And Pluto...
perhaps as the jolly-joker!


Covered by the night blanket,
my earthly town is sleeping.

A few vagabond dogs
report to the stars
life's victory.

Copyright © 2004, Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Solar System Montage

Andrei Dorian Gheorghe is the founder and director of the Cosmopoetry Festival of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM. He is the editor of over 30 slim English anthologies of Romanian and international astropoetry, and is the author of original astropoetry performances presented at the International Meteor Organization Conferences 1997-2004, the Leonid MAC Workshop of NASA (Tel Aviv, 2000), and the European Convention of Science Fiction - Romania 2001. In 2003, he initiated the Meteor Contemporary Poetry Project for the IMO. More of this poet's work may be found in the SARM Golden Astropoetic Gallery.

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Image courtesy of NASA/JPL