The Red One

by Michele Harvey

Crumbled, dated Lowellian theory —
Strangers from a world, whose veins draw upon
Rivers flowing, toward dry sea beds, dreary
Life amid red rust, perihelion.

New mariners photograph icy clouds.
From a globe sublime, only vapors run.
Dry ice crystals cap, windswept ferrous shrouds.
No silver fluids course canals fine spun.

Only navy sky, soils fitted by seas
Of frozen dust: elliptical reachings —
House the huge shield volcanoes which exceed
Fossils revealing this planet's teachings.

Conjured dreams, ancient life, nomenclature,
Thirst for home of any unearthly nature.

First published in Fighting Chance Magazine
Copyright © 2004, Michele Harvey


Michele Harvey has been a serious poet for the past two years and participates in creative writing workshops through Lighthouse Writers, a creative writing school in downtown Denver. She is a substitute teacher, currently teaching High School English. Michele is also a member of the Denver Woman's Press Club.

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